Pop Punk The Vote Tour

Mar 05

Property Of Zack Playlist

All the bands on the POP PUNK THE VOTE TOUR did a playlist for Property of Zack. Check out all our picks and listen to all the songs on Spotify.

Mar 01

Tour Update

Hey everyone!
I am writing this from our hotel in Albuquerque, NM as we are currently out on the road for the Pop Punk The Vote Tour. I would like to send one of the most sincere thank you’s I’ve ever extended to everyone who has supported this tour… SERIOUSLY! We are sooooo stoked on how well the shows have gone and it’s all at the hand of you, the fine people of the American pop punk scene… thanks again for making this a blast.

An additional, and equality important thank you goes to Handguns, Seahaven and Candy Hearts, our tour mates for the first leg…. the 2nd leg starts tonight with Handguns, Seahaven and now, Daytrader (our Rise Records label mates). Candy Hearts are a great band and it was a pleasure to have them out with us… if you haven’t heard them, didn’t get to see them or want more info, check of their bandcamp here.

For those of you who haven’t been to a show yet, here are some reviews and pictures from the previous shows. Check them out! See you at a show!

- Tampa
- Dallas

- Update #1

- Dallas

more photos and stuff coming soon… if you took some – email us!

PS – the fine people from PETA2 are tagging along on this tour so please check out their table… its not neccesarily about converting to vegetarian or veganism but just being aware of the things you eat and wear. xoxo

-Man Overboard

Feb 21

Candy Hearts Tour Blog

Today is the fourth day of our tour with Man Overboard, Handguns and Seahaven, and we’re in Tampa, Florida. I’m typing this on my cellphone from the pull out couch at my grandmother’s apartment and it’s like 75 degrees in Februrary. The novelty of southern weather will never wear off.

So far tour has been amazing, but doesn’t everyone always say that? To be fair, I totally never say that, but we’ve been playing to some amazingly fun crowds - way bigger than we’re used to. The one thing that’s not bigger is our van. Unlike the other bands we’re with (who for the record, have been playing some amazing sets and have trailers the size of my apartment) we’re kicking it minivan style. This means excellent gas mileage, creative sleeping positions and people asking us when we’re going to soccer practice. But seriously, moms drive minivans for a reason. I have also figured out the perect trick to sleeping in the middle of anywhere - noise isolation headphones over ear plugs - and everyone has teased me about sleeping that way, but it totally works, especially because I seem like the only person on this tour who has trouble sleeping.

We haven’t really had any crazy experiences thusfar, other than massive Third Eye Blind sing alongs, dancing on tables at house parties and stumbling into some bizzarre techno dance club (the kind that looks like whats on Jersey Shore but with a dress code that made us leave and a doorman who looked like he was in the secret service). We did learn that you can drink outside in Savannah, Georgia and we drank beer and gin and walked around in the rain. I think Savannah my new favorite city that isn’t New York. I’m quite enjoying a few things right now: hanging out with the other bands who really are some of the most hysterical people I’ve met, eating tons of Waffle House (and hoping I don’t gain 1000 lbs on this tour) and finally figuring out that perfect way to totally isolate myself in a van full of people. I know it sounds strange because my band are my best friends, but it’s amazing to me how you can spend 24/7 with people and still find tiny little corners of peace.

Tomorrow we’re playing in Jacksonville and I hope to catch a glimpse of the beach and finally wear the summer clothes that have been hiding since October. Oh, and play a show. Super looking forward to that!


Feb 15

Tour Starts Tonight!

The POP PUNK THE VOTE TOUR starts tonight! Who is coming to the shows?

ALSO, we will be hitting up the reblogging contest winner today and announcing who won soon so stay tuned. See you on the road.

Feb 13

The Winning Song Is…

The results are in and the #1 most voted song is “I Like You.” In addition to the pre-planned setlist we’ve prepared, we will be performing ‘I Like You’ and several of the other top requested songs each night on the Pop Punk The Vote Tour. Complete tour dates are available at www.DefendPopPunk.com

Feb 08

And The Winning T-shirt is….

This will be the official POP PUNK THE VOTE TOUR t-shirt. You’ll be able to pick it up during the tour so stop over at the mercy table to get it. Thanks for your votes on it and keep voting for which song you want to hear

Feb 06

Latest Song/Shirt Poll Results

Here are the latest results from the song and shirt poll. We’ll pick the winning t-shirt on Wednesday and then we’ll announce the song next Monday. Keep voting!

Top 3

1. I Like You - 14% - 294 Votes

2. I Saw Behemoth & It Ruled - 11% - 234 Votes

3. She’s Got Her Own Man - 8% = 163 Votes

Shirt 3: 45% 436 Votes

Shirt 2: 31% - 298 Votes

Shirt 1:: 25% - 243 Votes

Feb 03

POLL: Which Song Should We Play On The Pop Punk The Vote Tour?

We’re coming up with our setlist for the POP PUNK THE VOTE TOUR. We have some songs we’re definitely playing, some we aren’t and some we are considering. This is where you come in. Vote for the song below that you’d like to hear on the PPTV tour. We’ll post the results next week.  UPDATE: VOTING HAS ENDED!