Tour Update

Hey everyone!
I am writing this from our hotel in Albuquerque, NM as we are currently out on the road for the Pop Punk The Vote Tour. I would like to send one of the most sincere thank you’s I’ve ever extended to everyone who has supported this tour… SERIOUSLY! We are sooooo stoked on how well the shows have gone and it’s all at the hand of you, the fine people of the American pop punk scene… thanks again for making this a blast.

An additional, and equality important thank you goes to Handguns, Seahaven and Candy Hearts, our tour mates for the first leg…. the 2nd leg starts tonight with Handguns, Seahaven and now, Daytrader (our Rise Records label mates). Candy Hearts are a great band and it was a pleasure to have them out with us… if you haven’t heard them, didn’t get to see them or want more info, check of their bandcamp here.

For those of you who haven’t been to a show yet, here are some reviews and pictures from the previous shows. Check them out! See you at a show!

- Tampa
- Dallas

- Update #1

- Dallas

more photos and stuff coming soon… if you took some – email us!

PS – the fine people from PETA2 are tagging along on this tour so please check out their table… its not neccesarily about converting to vegetarian or veganism but just being aware of the things you eat and wear. xoxo

-Man Overboard

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